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Poems... if they don't rhyme it's jist no poetry!

Poetry Scotland

Most folk think poetry is not for them! It's too posh or too intellectual, but I'm here to change that! This is a down to earth no-nonsense poetry site created in no-nonsense Scotland by a no-nonsense Scottish poet.

This site is for all the folk who hated poetry at school, were terrified the teacher would ask you to read it out OR even worse explain what it meant!   ''But Sir, I just don't get it!''
To see what I mean (go on...try it just the once!) click on poems and enjoy. You'll discover simple, funny, gritty, witty poems. There are also some of them sad, thought-provoking or poignant but most of all - you'll get it! 
If it then seems easy peasy and you fancy having a go please send in your poems. The only request if you want to add a poem it does have to RHYME !!
WHY ? I'm in the middle of an Open Uni degree and was recently 'encouraged' to analyse 'blank verse' which is (apparently) 'poetry' which sometimes rhymes (but not necessarily at the end of the lines) and 'free verse' which is (even less apparently) 'poetry' which doesn't rhyme at all !
This annoyed me cos it seems that it's not 'clever' if it rhymes - WHAT?!
So like most Scots 'wi a bee in their bunnet' I'm doing something about it. This site is proud to bring you rhyming poetry.
I can promise you'll 'get it'.  


Enjoy yersels......

Liz Lochness x

Please note that the right is reserved to remove any entry without notice or explanation and that all poetry posted here retains the copyright property of it's original writer. Thanks.